HYAFILIA Dermal Filler

Hyafilia product belongs to the 5th generation of fillers based on the hybrid structure of hyaluronic acid. Fillers are developed by CHA Meditech Co. Ltd. There are two types of fractions in the bi-phase gel structure – stabilized and nonstabilized in a ratio of 85/15. The product line contains 3 types of fillers that differ in their volumetric ability. They are suitable for smoothing wrinkles as well as for volumization. The duration of the aesthetic effect is 6-14 months. Hyafilia preparations biodegrade to water and carbon dioxide (H2O and CO2) and are completely eliminated from the body.

It is a colorless and transparent gel-type product with viscoelasticity composed of a stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid. HyaFilia is tissue reconstructive material that is intended to be used for facial tissue augmentation. It is recommended that the product be used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, folds, and acne scars. A high-quality hyaluronic pen with adjustable pressure settings are highly recommended to apply the product.



HyaFilia Petit has a light texture. It smoothes surface lines, glabellar lines, Perioral wrinkles, corrects lacrimonasal line, designs lip contour.  It is suitable for delicate areas. It should be injected into surface skin areas.

HyaFilia Classic has an average density. It is used for medium wrinkles, glabellar folds, winkles in the lip corners, for modeling the volume of the lips. The product is injected subdermally.

HyaFilia Grand has the thickest and the most viscous composition. It is used for volumizing the temporal areas, nose, cheekbones, chin. It is suitable for subperiosteal injection.


  1. The price of the HyaFilia filler is lower than for the European analogs of the same quality.
  2. The combination of different structures of the active ingredient provides for high gel plasticity.
  3. It improves skin structure and stimulates the body’s own resources for rejuvenation.
  4. It has excellent thixotropy, which prevents the gel from breaking into fragments and migration within the tissues.
  5. It is not destroyed by free radicals.
  6. The active ingredient is of non-animal origin, so the risk of developing allergies is minimal.
  7. Keeps the set form up to degradation.
  8. The result lasts up to 1 year.
  9. It is completely excreted from the body.


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